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We are approved installers of the Sky Single Cable Solution (SCS) system. As approved business partners, we install the SCS switches to your existing communal TV system. Once this has been done, we take the following steps to transform your television access:

• We fit a switch to your existing Sky Multiroom system

• We then affix a splitter to your Sky faceplate

• This splits the single signal to a multi-signal

What is the SCS?

The SCS uses new technology to adapt older apartment blocks with a single IRS feed to each apartment, to a virtual twin feed. This allows residents to use the full Sky+ potential of their equipment with pausing, rewinding, and recording capabilities.

This is a new, far more economically viable solution to hardwiring methods. We are authorised by Sky to complete these installations and we can survey your apartment buildings to provide you with a fully guaranteed service to upgrade your systems efficiently.

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Installing Sky and the single cable solution is a doddle.

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